A studious girl turned into a cam girl: this is her story!

studious girl turned into a cam girl

Sonia is a girl of Moroccan origin. She came to Britain in 2016 to study sociology. But before entering the fourth year, she gave up everything to become a cam girl even though she is a very studious girl. So why did she do that? Here are her reasons!

She became a woman who asserts herself

While Sonia was in Morocco, she was a girl under the yoke of men. Even on her return, after her studies, she was already assigned a husband. But when she set foot on British soil, she discovered that women can have more freedom. As a result, Sonia has become an independent woman who is asserting herself. She even allowed herself to go clubbing and do some crazy things with her girlfriends. Nevertheless, she had always remained a virgin just on principle.

Her first sexual experiences

After spending two years in Britain, when she met a young stockbroker, she took it to the next level. So charming according to her, she didn’t hesitate for a second to give herself to him. When they then had sex for the first time, it hurt at first. It was only after they had made love for more than five times that Sonia began to enjoy it.

Once she had tasted the pleasure of sex, Sonia was completely hooked and her boyfriend could hardly keep up with her. To make up for this, she started using sex toys and getting pleasure on her own.

The day Sonia gave up her studies

After living with her boyfriend for a few months, Sonia decided to break up and decide to see other men. It was then that she met a man who is a sexcam professional. He then offered her a job as a charming hostess for arabian.cam. A little hesitant at first, she finally accepted the job. So after school, Sonia launched her webcam and started offering erotic shows for men who are hungry for sexy Arab girls.

When she had become more and more popular on the website, Sonia started by skipping classes and focusing a little more on her new job. And as she found that her studies in sociology couldn’t bring in too much money, she decided to give it all up and become a complete charm hostess.

She has not regretted her decision to give up her studies for the sexcam

Although Sonia’s decision will mark a lot of things in her life, both professionally and personally, she says she has had no regrets. Indeed, according to her, being a cam girl not only makes her live well. It is also a job in which she can freely express her femininity. Since her childhood, Sonia has been under the influence of her parents and wants to be emancipated once and for all.

In addition to continuing her career as a cam girl, Sonia is also interested in one day becoming a porn actress. For her, this step would allow her even more to show the world her femininity and to defend the rights of Arab women, who like all other women should have the prerogative to do with their bodies as they please.


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