How to clean your sex toy ?

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Maybe you use it every time you have sex, maybe you use it sporadically. No matter how often you use your sex toy, it’s important to clean it after each use.

Do you throw your sex toy in your bedside table drawer immediately after use, only to pull it out the next time you feel like it? Don’t do it again! Regular cleaning of your sex toys ensures that the equipment stays in good condition and the device continues to work. Plus, your toy gets into sensitive areas, so it’s also important to give it a hygienic cleaning.

To clean your sex toys: soap and water are essential

It is best to always use soap with a neutral PH and warm water.

It is not necessary to use anything else, especially in medical silicone toys, the most recommended by experts. The sex toy, when it comes into contact with sensitive areas of our body, it is best to use the least amount of chemical mixtures possible.

Toys made of plastic (hard), silicone, elastomer, metal, or glass are the easiest to clean: you can do it with non-irritating soap and water. You don’t need to use a special disinfectant for this, but be careful with the water. Waterproof toys can be cleaned in a bucket of water. If your sex toy is not waterproof, it is best to rinse it under the tap and dry it with a towel.

Clean with a sex toy cleaner

There are many sex toy cleaners for sale, each tailored to something different. One focuses primarily on the material of the sex toy, the other on your skin type. For example, there are cleaners that contain a powerful antibacterial ingredient that cleans toys, purifies, and fights bacteria. An anti-viral and anti-fungal spray that reduces odors and eliminates bacteria/fungus without damaging the material. A natural antibacterial spray is very pleasant for sensitive skin. You use the sex toy cleaner by spraying it on the toy, then wiping it with a dry cloth.


Can you repeat that, please?! And yes, you can clean some sex toys by putting them in the dishwasher. A vibrator won’t survive the wash, but a plastic dildo will. So this option is especially good for dildos and anal plugs. Be careful with the temperature of glass sex toys: some of them can’t stand too high temperatures


Non-porous toys can also be sterilized in a pan to kill any bacteria. It goes without saying that this is not possible with vibrating toys. Also, be careful not to let the toy come in direct contact with the bottom of the pan, as this can burn the toy. So boil those non-porous sex toys in a water bath!

Let your sex toy dry before storing it

Also, be sure to submerge the toys in the tub, both for cleaning and for use. Just because they’re waterproof doesn’t mean they’re all submersible for a relatively long time. Although toys are becoming more and more sophisticated and made almost in one piece, with virtually no “seams”, there may be small pores or crevices through which water can seep and eventually affect the internal motor.

In addition, it is essential to remove the batteries or removable batteries and let them dry well before storing them so that no moisture is created. In this way, we will extend the life of the toy and prevent the materials they are made of from deteriorating.

How do we store sex toys?

Where we keep our toys is very important. Each one will have its own private place, but a place that has an average temperature, neither too dry nor too humid, is recommended.

A special drawer for our toys, next to the bed, could be a good place, or even the bathroom, according to the expert, could be a recommendable place because it is difficult for them to spoil earlier with this humidity. Wherever they are, you should protect them from direct sunlight and try to keep them at a constant temperature.


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