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lesbian sex toys

So if we think of sex as play, there is no better way to play than with toys. All it takes is a little creativity and letting your imagination run wild. Let’s see what sex toys to choose for lesbian fun alone or as a couple.

Rediscovering one’s own body, living new experiences, and stimulating other sensations alone or in the couple are essential aspects of a healthy sexual life. Especially in lesbian relationships, erotic toys have been designed to reach the emotional limits of physical contact and more and more lovers use them as a complement to the act of love.

It is a common misconception that lesbian sex toys were created to replace the penetration that only men could provide. The truth is that they are designed to allow them to make the most of their organs and make the interaction in bed a more pleasurable time for all women.

From how you should use it, intensity or time, during foreplay to heat up the moment or as an integral part of sex, the use of sex toys will depend on each woman.

The most popular sex toys for women are vibrators with shapes similar to those of the male sexual organ. However, there are many other models available on the market today.

Double dildo

This is the most commonly used sex toy for lesbians. The double dildo allows simultaneous penetration in a lesbian couple because it has a head at each end of the toy. In addition, it is a favorite of many because of the variety of options that exist: the type of shape, color, texture, and size.

lesbian sex toys

Clitoral stimulator

Clitoral stimulators are a type of accessory that allows you to feel much more pleasure whether alone or with a partner. This toy is distinguished by its button that, when pressed, will start to vibrate, which is very useful for reaching orgasm through clitoral stimulation. In addition, most stimulators have different speeds so that you gradually increase the pleasure in both you and your partner.

Clitoral stimulators are not only effective for achieving orgasm in this area but can also be used for foreplay with your partner, as they can stimulate other erogenous zones of the female body such as the breasts, especially the nipples or to stimulate the anus in case of anal sex.

Vibrating egg

This is a vibrator as its name suggests in an oval or small egg shape designed to be worn at any time of the day, whether at work, shopping, or at home. The vibrating egg is inserted into the vagina and is directed by a remote control where you can choose the speed and type of movement. If you want to play with your partner at any time, you can press the remote control and make him reach orgasm without being present, but not too far because each product has its range depending on the brand. But also, so that both of you can get pleasure, you can wear one each and give more dynamism to your sexual relations. Get one and add a touch of fun to your sex life with your partner.

Chinese balls

Although not a toy specifically designed to be enjoyed as a couple, it is suitable for any woman, lesbian or not. Chinese balls are a sex toy that is inserted into the vagina creating an internal vacuum and where stimulation is exerted by the vibratory movement that occurs when you move and is usually quite pleasant. In addition, Chinese balls are also very useful to strengthen and exercise the vaginal muscles and, therefore, have much more enjoyable sex with your partner.

Anal dilator or plug

Anal sex is also a good option for lesbian women because if done correctly, it can lead us to reach the limits of pleasure. For this, the most suitable sex toy, especially if you want to start these practices, is the anal plug. It is a very small dildo that has a ring at one end so that you or your partner can use it and stimulate the area to give you pleasure.

There are also sex toys for lesbians who want to practice anal sex, especially for the more experienced ones, like anal beads or the anal dildo. Use these toys with water-based anal lubricants to make the pleasure of practicing anal sex incredible.


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