Me and my best friend have a very weird relationship.

best friend

This is the story of my relationship with my best friend.First of all, we’re not sex friends. Therefore, we don’t have sex, but we still do some weird stuff. Many will say that we’re weird, but we have to live our experience to understand it.

We shave each other’s private parts

When I need to shave my dick, I call my best. Once she’s out of the way, I get naked and she starts shaving me. And vice versa, when she wants to shave her pussy, I do it myself. During these moments we touch each other a little, but she doesn’t masturbate my cock and I don’t caress her clitoris either.

We masturbate in front of a porn movie…

When you get a little bored, you start an x-rated movie and start jerking off. Unlike me, when she rubs her clit and when she fingers herself, she screams with pleasure. And then when she comes, she squirts it all in my face. And I do the same. Once I squeeze, I squirt everything on her face.

I’ve never penetrated my best friend

At no time did I penetrate it. And she never asked, either. Also, when I masturbate and when I cum on her, she doesn’t masturbate my dick and doesn’t even lick it.

I like to sniff the pantyhose and briefs she has been wearing for several days.

Being a fetishist of women’s underwear, I often ask my best friend not to change her panties and tights for several days and then put them back on. Once in my possession, I sniff it at night while masturbating.

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