Mutual masturbation without taboos

Mutual masturbation without taboos

It is not at all obvious to share the pleasure of individual nature with his partner. However, touching and caressing each other in front of and with one’s partner undoubtedly brings a plus to the couple. We will help you discover the reasons through some practical advice. Discover some secrets of mutual masturbation.

Tips to follow

To find out how to do it with your partner, apply the example policy. Watch her masturbate and then copy her actions to make her come.

Touching and being encouraged to touch accelerates orgasm in some people. The shared and stimulated orgasm is then facilitated. And this is easily understood when we refer to the saying “you are never better served than by yourself“.

With this so-called solitary practice, you can create a strong bond with your partner because it’s not the kind of thing you do with a one-night stand. You need to have an above-average level of intimacy and mutual trust to do this. It is a tender sexual relationship that can serve as an excellent substitute for coitus.

Masturbation still represents, for many people, this shameful thing that is done clandestinely. Using this practice as a couple is a good opportunity to get excited about those who find it exhilarating to defy the prohibitions. It also helps to double the pleasure by combining your tactility and possibly that of your partner on your body.

It can also be used to calm your ardor. If you feel that you have reached your peak of excitement and that the end is imminent, you can concentrate on pleasuring your partner until your excitement subsides.

Mutual masturbation offers you the possibility to have sex in public places (train, car, and even restaurant) in a discreet way, without attracting attention. You won’t have to strip exhaustively to get your kicks.

Mutual masturbation options

One of the partners masturbates and the second one observes: each individual has his specificities and in fact, each one has his Achilles heel. It is thus advisable to detect in the first place the functioning of the pleasure of his partner before managing to make him enjoy with your hands. That’s why you should take turns to masturbate so that each of you can carefully observe your partner without being preoccupied with your own excitement.

? Concentrate only on one of the partners: One of the partners is touching himself, but the other is not content with just observing him; he assists him by caressing the other parts of his body. The goal is to offer you a complete erotic massage.

? Masturbate at the same time: by participating in your partner’s pleasure, you are both sending each other to seventh heaven.

Little tips

There are many ways to do this: face-to-face, side-by-side, spooning, and its variations. You’ll probably find the best formula on your own. You can also add accessories such as sex toys, an erotic story, or a role-play.



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