My addiction to sex

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sex addict

Sexual addict

I’m what they call a sex addict, just as others are addicted to alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or gambling.

It may sound fun and yet … It’s not that simple, I can’t go more than 12 hours without fucking, I can’t be in a couple, because neither partner can hold out, they have fun for a few days, but they all get tired.

I am an insatiable pig, I like everything in sex, fellatio, sodomy, a little sadomasochism, nothing scares me, everything pleases me.

A lover of tight dick, greedy for sperm and body, ass and cock.

My body is in perpetual demand for other bodies, I can have my ass and pussy burst, I ask for more and more.

I’m never full, insatiable little slut, I’m on all the dedicated sites, you’ll see me in many amateur porn videos, looking for males well equipped for a good hardcore sodomy, or a little sadomaso staging, I have no taboo, whatever the time, day, place or partner, I think only about that, even my dreams are porn.

I still remember the one of that night, there were three of us, two men and me, I had a dick in the ass and one in the mouth, it was so good I think I came in my sleep, I woke up while the one who was the worst was cumming in my mouth and the second one on the rump, it was delicious.

But it was only a dream, I had to calm my ardour, fortunately I have a well built and not shy neighbour who knows my needs, and who fulfilled me by busting my ass the way I like it, the day started well.This is one of my latest experience but I can admit I am a sex addict and I enjoy it😋

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