Sex addiction: Rebecca doesn’t feel anything when she has sex. 

Sex addiction

Rebecca’s a young woman with a sex addiction. But her concern is that the more she has sex all the time, the less pleasure she gets. Yet, even if she can’t come, there isn’t a minute when she doesn’t think about sex.

She is capable of having sex with anyone…

When her addiction peaks, she can sleep with anyone. According to her, she has even had sex with a stranger on a train or plane. Her chronic infidelity has created a lot of tension in her relationship and has even led to divorce.

Even if she wanted to pull herself together, it was impossible. At the office, for example, she even had the label of a slut because almost all her colleagues had gone through her.

Currently, Rebecca is in the process of treating her sex addiction, because instead of giving her pleasure, this scourge is causing her constant anxiety and stress. Indeed, sex is for her like a drug that destroys her little by little.

In UK, as in the rest of the world, sex addiction is not an isolated case, and it could affect both men and women. And like Rebecca, the most serious cases must imperatively be treated by professionals.

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